The Dreadful Truth About Dating Japanese Ladies

I have really been on Return of Kings for some time, perusing and relishing my reasonable share of practical knowledge, sardonic hilarity, not to mention women bashing. So much of women thrashing. I probably would not criticize this since I also do same, I can understand the disappointment. Conversely, I know lots of men disparage women in general but yet start compliment Eastern Asian ladies. Examples of these countries are Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, et cetera.

In this post, I am going to discuss no more than Japan; because I have had experience while staying there myself. Guys have been talking of the red pill nevertheless ignore that it goes for every woman, not only women in any particular locations. Therefore, this is the right time I deflate all these misconceptions and thus bring out the truth. This is as a result of my encounter from my relationship with Japanese women and also my interaction with foreign guys that are living there. Also, I have had interactions with Japanese men and even those that are married or perhaps Japanese women

There is certainly great emphasis on preventing shame in Japan. Altogether, the Japanese culture put much emphasis on the importance of maintaining the good image of something. Depending on the circumstance, there’s the possibility of people trying to avert duty and pretension is too common.

On a cheerful note, the majority of what I will talk about might be resolved just by making it very obvious right from start what you can or cannot accept. Moreover, you have to understand the cultural distinctions here too, thus you ought to make an effort to understand my points. Sadly, one may notice most of these issues with men.

1. Submissive and modest? Lol absolutely no

A lot of men are only assuming that Japanese ladies are pleasant, amiable, and obedient. That was a long time ago in Japan when women were required to conduct themselves well however, it is unlike that today. When you’re only dating them, Japanese women usually seem to be well behaved and obedient. They can prepare your food. They would normally stop over your house to give you a gift they got for you. Everything may look wonderful and okay before you exchange that wedding ring. Once that occurs, all the nice behavior is going to die out.
If perhaps she looks like the mistaken stereotype you have heard before then believe me if I insist she’s deceitful – she may be deceiving you! Honestly, believe me for this. She’s just enticing you into a snare which can take the way of an “incidental” pregnancy, stalking, or simply clandestine behavior – all things appearing too good to be true. You should not be fooled. Be extra vigilant in case she becomes aware that you are rich or even of high position.

2. Virtually no control over funds

Most women in Japan usually control the family finances. A situation where the man spends many hours every week working only to get his salary arrives home to hand over all the salary to the spouse. Such things happen whether or not the woman is working, and this is prevalent even as Japan nonetheless has a sizable percentage of married women that are full house wives. With regards to making household decisions about finance, the woman usually and ultimately has the last say. Most especially on things about household furniture, family vacations, mode of transport, and others. The spouse generally takes most of these decisions.

I really have an issue on this, I don’t know of you guys. I had this challenge with an ex-lover of mine. She desired having access to my checking bank account as she started advising me of things I should purchase with my cash but I informed her that she has nothing to do with how I spend my money and never to ask about my monetary assets. Certainly, this became a trouble and I separated with her.

Japanese escorts3. Excessive passive aggressiveness

Below is a discussion that transpired between me and a lady I dated. We were together in her house and it was late night; not long after we had love-making.

Her: I’m famished. Check out the store and get me something to eat.

Me: What?

Her: Look at the store and find me anything to eat.

Me: Find something from the fridge. It’s too late and I don’t want to leave right now.

Her: Alright then. I have a preference for Onigiri – that’s steamed rice balls – which I don’t get right here anyway, it is okay. I will simply not eat even though I am craving.

That night, I left the house and never returned back. Obviously she called severally over the next few weeks unsure of what actually happened to me, however I was long gone for life. I couldn’t endure this kind of outright and lousy effort to use me. This really is widespread in Japan. The folks there try their best to avert confrontations.

There is a great emphasis regarding this in addition to a great dislike to complaining even if to family members in private. In Japan, people hate to be viewed as a complainer. It’s expected that you endure whatever you’re going through regardless of how bad it is.
An immediate effect of this is the incapacity to truly talk straight and honestly.

In Japan, it is almost impossible to find anyone to speak candidly about anything. You may perhaps request something from an individual and they would giggle then respond “maybe” and yet they actually imply a capital NO. This occurs even with private relationships, hence while dating be ready for a barrage of docile aggressiveness. Maybe you believed American girls and their troubles were poor? Ha! Then you aren’t seen something yet.

4. Psychological health care

It’s important to note that Japan has no mental healthcare establishment. A lot of women are going about there with some critically out of hand mental problems but you might not be aware initially. Issues like abuse may be viewed as ordinary and such conduct may be extended to you also. Again, the possibility of her departing and leaving you thinking what the hell happened.

5. Your kids would be removed from you

This really is easy! When you get wedded to a Japanese lady, and it happens that you have to pass through divorce process. Do you know what? She is going to take away the kids from you. Do you feel it looks terrible in the United States as women request full custody? In Japan, the woman usually takes them off you and run away. In the US, a few courts can attend to some men equitably, as opposed to Japan where the court system cannot even attempt to assist you.

6. Sexual activity is being withheld from you

Yet another common thing is that in Japan, several men get hooked into marriage and by the time they have their first baby, their wives may quit having intercourse with them. Quite a few men on ROK stated that this is a deal breaker, accordingly nothing else to be said about this matter. The problem of infidelity is there too.

Though, this doesn’t occur always as in some countries such as the USA, Russia, or even the United Kingdom, nevertheless it takes place beyond what you may think. It may also interest you to know that in Japan, both husbands as well as wives have mistresses and both know it but never minded. I really cannot clearly explain why. Furthermore, in Japan there’s a belief that paying for sex is not regarded as infidelity.

Base line

Are you familiar with any of what I described? Hopefully since these are the exact negative comments guys on ROK often have about women out here in the West. Worthy of mention is that generally every woman act the same except if the custom checks that tendencies. Finally, I rather advise that you be cautious while dating, irrespective of where the woman hails from.